mos_defDigging around on Okayplayer I found a post about Mos Def’s new LP coming out. I did a search and got a little more… a lot more. Mos has got a West Coast connect with Madlib and Oh No producing some tracks. Not just that, but has Chad Hugo, Mr. Port, and the late great J Dilla. If I get a sneak peek I’ll post it. BIG thanks to Okayplayer for the post.


Life in Marvelous Times (prod. Mr. Flash)

Auditorium (prod. Madlib)

Super Magic (prod. Oh No)

Twilight Speedball (prod. Chad Hugo & Mos Def)

Pretty Dancer (prod. Mr. Porter & Hemmy)

History (prod. J Dilla)

Pistola (prod. Madlib)

Casa Bey (prod. Madlib)


Quiet Dog

Track list from Wikipedia. BIG thanks.