Today is the start of the Music part of South x SouthWest, and I can’t go (j.o.b.). But, we are blessed to have a man on the inside that’s going to give us the low down. Nate Dog (Nathan Goldman) is headed to Austin to promote his company DKNG and check out some new music. In between he’s going to keep us posted on what’s new. So keep checking back for Nate Dog’s post.

You ask, “what makes Nate the man to do some music reporting?” Well if you’ve been to the Troubadour in LA, you’ve seen DKNG’s handy work. They make custom music posters for the Troubadour and a gang of other stuff. DKNG are becoming the “go-2-guys” in the music industry, so keep your eyes peeled for them.

BIG thanks Nate Dog for hookin it up. And Congrats on winning HBO’s Flight of the Conchords “Really Arty Poster Search.”

Check out what DKNG is up to, and HBO’s Flight of the Conchords.

For more info on SXSW click here.