p_doittoitSXSW is winding down today but it’s been a crazy few days.  Here at the Flatstock Poster Convention, there’s lot of great artwork to checkout.  I want to highlight a couple studios doing some great work.  Burlesque of North America operates out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and in addition to some great design work, their crew is made up of a few DJs.  Check out their 12″ LP’s DO IT TO IT Volumes I and II featuring Bird Peterson, Dave Nada, Emynd, Wizard of Gaz, Tittsworth, and Mike the 2600 King.
Bobby Dixon of Kollective Fusion is one of the staples of the Austin gig poster scene.  His poster design includes work for RJD2, DJ Shadow, The Roots, Method Man, Jurassic 5, and Mos Def to name a few.

by Bobby DixonOn the music side, one of the highlights of the evening showcases was The Band of Brotherz out of San Francisco, California.  A trio of MCs backed by a killer band consisting of guitar, bass, drums, and an incredible sitar player, made this a unique performance that brought the house down at Opal Devine’s on Friday night.

Last night The Cannabinoids were joined by Erica Badu at the Auditorium Shores stage at Ladybird Lake.  Unfortunately the set was delayed and extremely short, but the one song that Badu performed with the group got the crowd moving.  She later joined Kanye West at his showcase at the Levi’s Fader Fort which featured lots of new artists on his label GOOD Music including Big Shaun, Mr. Hudson, GLC, Fonzworth Bentley, and Kid Cudi.
The Cannabinoids at MySpace, and check out GOOD Music.

1002broz-narowsmLastly, check out Playing for Change, a multimedia movement bringing street musicians together from all over the world to create positive change through music.

That’s it for this SXSW update.  See you next year!

by: Nate (Dog) Goldman