For those who haven’t found me on twitter yet. Here are some of the tunes I rock on my way into work. If you catch me on twitter, you’ll find me talking about what I’m reviewing. Get the low down faster…catch me on twitter.

  • Kid Cudi – Dat New “New”
  • Flying Lotus – tea leaf dancers
  • Dert Floyd – Untitled (Track 5 from The Westside of the Moon)
  • Radiohead – Bodysnatchers
  • Diamond District – The District
  • Chen Lo – So Much to Say
  • NameBrand – The Game Will Be Alright ft. Ras Kass
  • Jackson Conti – São Paulo Nights
  • TAIS – Got It Locked
  • Luck-One & Dekk – When I Forget (feat Nafisaria)