attack_of_the_deer31 I Don’t Sleep…I was cruisin around the HVW8’s site to see what’s new with them. I was doing some mad reading and scoping out some paintings they had posted. Then I ran across this crazy cover with a deer on it and a title that read, “Attack of THE DEER.” I was like “this has got to be good with some crazy deer on the cover.” Downloaded it, cranked it up in the headphones, and just played track after track. “Alone” is the first track that got me hooked to it, but it was when I got to “RUCKUS” I started telling people in the office to check it out. I stopped what I was doing and started looking up J-1, the mad beat maker of this beat tape. J-1 is out here in sunny LA by way of Cleveland kickin it with good company. He’s not only a DJ and a beat maker, but also a drummer. This multi-talented cat is jazzin his way into your headphones, so keep your ears open. Download Attackof THE DEER and check out J-1 on MySpace. BIG thanks to Ty and the HVW8 crew.

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J-1 – The Set Up