I’ve got a little time these days to put the ipod on shuffle, and check out whats on it. It’s cool that I can rediscover stuff that’s been on there for days, or a track I’ve played once. I do want to say the music I bought, stuff everyone sends me, and found i appreciate ever bit of it. Thanks to everyone out there makin it happen. Hip Hop never dies…It just gets slept on, and hopefully I can open some ears.

  • J Dilla – Anti-American Graffiti
  • U-N-I & Ro Blvd. – Hollywood Hiatus
  • Pac Div  -Pac Div
  • fLako – Failure
  • Dom Kennedy – Runnin Out
  • Vast Aire – Graveyard Shift (ft. Genesis)
  • Serius Jones – Good Guy
  • Pheo. – Say You Ill
  • The Mighty! – LAST NIGHT
  • J1 – gloria