Be...Re-FixedThese 2 cats outta east London tackled a big task of remixing an already bangin album and as they say “Re-Fixed” it. Common teamed up with Kanye (and a few other producers including J Dilla) to bring you Be. So you ask yourself, “what’s there to fix?! That album’s hot.” My thoughts exactly, until I got an ear full of Be…Re-Fixed. They moved a few things around, added a lil stutter-step remixing it, and still keeping that Ye & Common sound. Be…Re-Fixed is all instrument, but from what I’ve read Amede is the man with the blows. Hopefully we can check more of that that when they drop their next EP Flat17 in august! Stay tuned because I think they’ll come with the heat. Check Amede & Soundsmith on their site and download Be…Re-Fixed here. Also check out Distant at thier MySpace page. BIG thanks Amede & Soundsmith for tweetin. “We just want to make good music, whether it’s short raw beats, vocal based, down-tempo, hip hop soul or whatever it sounds like to you, to us this is Electric Soul made for you to feel and fuse with.” —Amede & Soundsmith

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Ademe & Soundsmith – Faithful