The StashboxThe Stashbox TracklistBeats+Crates has been blessed with this exclusive podcast by J1. I met him at the JAY $TAY PAID release party in L.A. and we threw out some ideas.  J1 did one better and cranked out this mix of what he’s rockin in only a few days! BIG thanks to J1 for the podcast, and the HVW8 for gettin me hooked on Attack of the Deer.

Track list and J1 comments:

1. Nino Moschella “If You Believe” Sa-Ra RMX
Nino’s album is dope and it’s a must that we have all sa-ra wax on deck so this was a no brainer 4 the kick off.

2. RJD2 “Bus Stop Bities”
Love this joint from a fellow buckeye(((oh. Stand up)))) love the drums on this too.

3. Radiohead “Everything In Its Right Place”
4sho one of my favorite groups of all time.. And the this melody is the bizness, and i love the rhodes so this is my zone right here.

4. Platinum Pied Pipers “The Look of Love”
Craaaazy remix/flip of a classic tune feat. Maestro 4sho 1 of my records to vibe to (shout out 2 groove merchant records//sf//)

5. Dabrye “With a Professional”
I wish I could of seen this session just to see hoe he did this. His sound is dope and this joint is hella mysterious…

6. Dwight Trible “Otherwordly”
Big shout to the homie///gb/// he made this track and if you aint hip check the name/////gb///////

7. Fat Freddy’s Drop “Flashback” Jazzanova RMX
Dope remix from Jazzanova 4 the super dope band out of new zealand both of these crews are heavy so I had to get this as soon as I seen it.

8. Silouette brown “Whose in Charge”
On this 1 two super talented brothas team up on production ///dego/// & ///kaidi tatham/// if you aint hip to their crews ((((4hero)))) & ((((bugzintheattic))))
Check em out this album to me is some of the most soulful broken-beat the whole album is bangin!!!!

9. Dam-funk “Gold”
This just felt like the perfect ending truly my favorite nighttime smoke jam.. Put this on and just getyomindright!!!!!

There it is ya’ll vibe to it hope u enjoy and please remember all selections were///vinyl///   we love records!!!!!!!!!!! – J1

Whatcha waitin for, Download it!