I’ve been rockin all kinds of tunes. With this shuffle I was moving like a man on a mission, and I started my day off right. Most of these track have a post, and if there’s a name you don’t know on this playlist…get to know them. BIG thanks to the tram driver for bypassing all the Laker Fan traffic.

  • cARTer & Dom Kennedy – The Life I Know
  • Ghostface & MF Doom – Chinatown Wars (Original)
  • Emanon – Blind Love
  • fLako x Noir – Milky Way
  • TAIS – Got It Locked
  • Flying Lotus – Robo Tussin Ft. Lil Wayne
  • Diz Gibran – Once Again
  • yU – Lunchin
  • iLL Skilz – Sound Design
  • Micky DiGital – Same Old

…the parade was cool.