THRILLER COVERNot sure what to say, Michael Jackson entertained and influenced generations of people and artists world wide…and going stronger with an upcoming tour. My favorite MJ moment was when my Mother took me to the mall and surprised me by stopping at The Warehouse record store. She knew what I wanted to buy with the money I had saved…Thriller. I didn’t think about the tax. Come on I was a kid, and my Mom paid the rest. I can remember playing that record over and over again (yeah it was a vinyl record). The title track Thriller had narrations by Vincent Price and scared the *ish outta me…every time. I have the record to this day. I have lots of memories like many of you, share them with each other and spread the love.

Thanks for the memories and the music Michael Jackson.

Click on the cover to check out the Thriller the video.

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  1. aaron

    I haven’t opened up for comments, but this one i gotta. please feel free to leave your thoughts and memories about MJ.

    1. aaron

      i haven’t see the article, but i want to put out good vibes with the great memories people have of MJ.

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