Mixed Practice - Homegrown The EP

“To know your future you must know your past” George Orwell

Wit that said, lets go back a lil ways and check out Mixed Practice. Growing up in SoCal I had my own underground hip hop heroes. From cats like Jason (from The UHH!!!) rappin in school at lunch to the Pharcyde (before makin it to the radio). I didn’t catch too much from the Bay except for Too Short, E-40, Souls of Mischief and others with that Bay Area sound. About ’96 groups like the Visionaries, The Loot Pack, Alkaholiks, and The Pharcyde starting makin head way, and I was all about that.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I was checkin the fam at SweetBreads and ran across this scan image of a tape cover that had hand written “MP Limited Edition” that caught my eye…Mixed Practice HomeGrown the EP, and dated 1995. I read the article and followed the links to CBRap and read some more. Mixed Practice was a group made up of Eclipse (the beat maker), and 2 emcees Prop and Flex. The group lasted about 3 years, but left behind a dope “EP” that people have been buyin and passin around for years (now very hard to find). The production and the lyrics are what you would hear today, but made in ’95 on a slim budget. I’m amazed that talent can get over looked like that…SLEPT ON! These are the true Hip Hop heroes that keep it movin. Read the article and get inspired. Make things happen, and learn from the past. Download Mixed Practice – HomeGrown the EP and know there are always cats cranking out good Hip Hop, so keep diggin. BIG thanks to SweetBreads and CBRap for diggin deep on this one and shining some light on it.

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Mixed Practice – Time, Bass, & Space