Z-Trip at NHMThe Natural History Museum presents Darwin’s Revolution! NHM is continuing their series of discussions with Darwin’s Revolution celebrating  the 150th birthday of  his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, and the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth. What does this all have to do with Hip Hop you ask?!…lots. The Natural History Museum is also hosting live music performances by Z-Trip and Dam Funk. That’s right Z-Trip & Dam Funk with DJ sets from Gaslamp Killer, & The Phatal DJ. This is the last show of the season at NHM..so swing on by and get your groove on. BIG thanks to Rollo & Grady for the post.

Friday, June 5th

Book Discussion: 6:00pm & 7:30pm

Music starts: 5:30pm-10pm

Natural History Museum

900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007

For more info head to NHM.org