DJ Buddy and Treck Life - Free MoneyI hit up the fam at Fresh Selects to see what was going down, and was given the heads up on an exclusive…Free Money mini mix.  I got Free Money from Kenny last night, and stayed up until 4am rock’n it. This mix was put together by DJ Buddy and Trek Life. Free Money is chill but with an upbeat tempo adding to Trek’s flow. This one will definitely go into your heavy rotation playlist. Check out what I mean and  download Free Money mini mix here.

Beside this, Mello Music Group has been busy cranking out the good stuff. Check out New Money: The Oddisee Remixes available on itunes. Also check it out on exclusive for a free copy of Trek’s first album, Price I’ve Paid. BIG thanks to Fresh Selects for the heads up; I owe you one. Check out DJ Buddy on his site and Trek Life on MySpace. If you need the low down on Mello Music Group faster, check them out on twitter. Keep your eyes pealed for 5Animals Play.

Track List:

1. Black Music ft. J-Bizness
2. One Idea
3. Long Time Coming
4. We Still Here ft. Silo
5. Hold Me Down ft. Champ MC
6. Good God
7. Never Again
8. Last Joint

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