J1 - Starship 27J1 - Starship 27 TracklistIf you’re looking to take off and experience another planet, Starship 27 is for you. This compilation of beats has heavy hitters on it, and J1 aka The DEER is the master mind behind this outta space journey. With his co-pilot Weyez and trusty navigator (the man on the 1’s & 2’s) DJ Seano aka The Wolverine cranked out a banging album. Yes not just a mix of tracks that existed, but each producer made a track for Starship 27. In addition to the compilation check out the mini videos they leaked for the promo, they are outta this world fo-reals (links below). Download Animal Kingdom x HVW8 Presents Starship 27 here. BIG thanks to J1 aka The DEER, Weyez, DJ Seano, and Moonsatellite for taking us on a trip. BIG shout to HVW8 Records, & Mary’s Treehouse. DJ Friendly version with bonus tracks download here.

Video 1 Dam Funk

Video 2 Ras G

Video 3 Moonsatellite

Video 4 DevonWho

Video 5 A-Live

For more info on the videos check out Moonsatellite at Culture King.