DJ Ethos & Gabe Real - Classic CollaborationThe tracks selected for Classic Collaboration takes me back to high school, and some even farther. This was recorded in 2006 at Stacks record shop in Ontario (Inland Empire) while the shop was still open. Classic Collaboration is one of the many projects DJ GabeReal & DJ Ethos are planning on releasing this year. Like another B+C’s hero J1 DJ Ethos & GabeReal used all vinyl to create this dope mix. I dig Classic Collaboration not only for the tracks, but some are remixes by DJ Ethos & GabeReal that are only available on this mix. Check out Classic Collaboration and download it here. BIG thanks to DJ GabeReal for the heads up.

Track List:

Intro – Ethos & Gabe Real
Pharcyde – Pandemonium
Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause (Ethos + Gabe Real remix)
Aceyalone – Mic Check (Ethos + Gabe Real remix)
Gang Starr – Gang Starr – Check The Technique
ADOR – Let It All Hang Out
Ethos + Gabe Real Scratch Break
Freestyle Fellowship – 7th Seal
DJ Shadow feat. The Gift of Gab – Entropy (Part C – Count & Estimate)
House of Pain – Jump around (Pete Rock remix)
Nubian Crackers – Do You Wanna Hear it Dub
DJ Krush and The Roots – Meiso (DJ Shadow remix)
Ethos + Gabe Real scratch break
Uptown – Dope On Plastic
Showbiz and A.G. – Party Groove