SpliffDec4th2009Val The Vandle is at it again. Bringing the acts you want to see, and ones you NEED to see.  This Friday The Spliff’s got the best from the I.E. Noa James. The only way I can describe Noa James is he’ll spit ill lyrics, choke you out with the mic cord, and stomp a hole in your chest.  He’s that ill. Check out Sounds Of A Monster and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And on the other side of the spectrum you got Kooley High. The last time they were out here I didn’t get a chance to see them perform, but this time I’m there. If you get a chance catch Kooley High’s  documentary One Day before you head to the show. To round out the list you’ll have Ty & Kory from Buddha Brown, Speak from AppleBird, and Hawdwerk & Jansport J- who dropped High Power Moves a while back, so download a copy of that too. VerBs will be your host for the evening and always on deck Val The Vandle, Spintelect, GroWeyez & Printz Paul. This will definitely be a show to see. Catch you all at The Spliff! BIG thanks to Val for the heads up.

21+, $5 all night, 9pm – 12am

The Roxy Theatre
9009 W. Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
tel. 310.278.9457

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