When I used to live in Long Beach, Krispy Kreme had the ingenious idea of opening a location adjacent to the East Division station of the LBPD. It’s been a minute since I’ve called Long Beach home, but I’ll bet good money that this Donut Shop has weathered the recent economic storm.

The most visible Donut Shop in the LA area is clearly Randy’s Donuts, off the 405.  However, it’s Donut Man, a little shop quite a few miles outside the city proper (Glendora…just Google it) that inspires my actual Donut cravings.  Kelis’ Milkshake got nothing on a limited edition, (ie. seasonal) Strawberry Donut from Donut Man.

Speaking of limited edition releases, this six-pack of unreleased & re-mastered tracks from the Dilla archives was pressed & packaged into the first J Dilla Serato release back in May.  As a big thank you for everyone that supported this project, Stones Throw let them loose today.  You can download it here.