I’m a long time fan of Black Spade, so it was a really cool to get a chance to chat with him about past projects, stuff he’s working on now, and the future of Black Spade. He put out the mixtape Build and Destroy, and most recently a beat tape called The Day We Landed. I can’t stop playing either one. I met up with Black Spade at I Ced’s place when they were taking a break from working on some Hawthorne Headhunts’ tracks. I got a little insight about who Black Spade is and what his future plans are. I did learn one important lesson about doing interviews- Don’t stop recording until you leave, because we talked about everything. I know I’ll be doing another interview with him when he drops back into town. Check out Black Spade – The Day We Landed. BIG thanks Black Spade for taking the time, and making the music. Keep it going. BIG shout out to I Ced for the sound effects (ha ha) and the place.

Click here for the Vimeo link.