I had to post this up. When people reach out to you from around the world because they love your music, that is love. Oddisee has been cranking out the tunes as a producer and an emcee, so it’s great to see that cat get rep’d like that in Belgium. The Blooming has a very cinematic feel, and the storytelling aspect is great. I love how they show the watch several times to go with the ticking in the track and to represent time passing. Great video.

Belgium’s ZBS Studio reached out to Mello Muisc Group about permission to do a video for Oddisee’s “The Blooming”.  MMG of course was honored to have them interpret the song and apply their vision to the track.  The resulting marriage of visual storytelling & instrumental perfection is a narrative work that tells the story of time’s passage in the life of a boy.  The video was directed, shot, & edited by Tomasz Cibulla and Wojciech Drożdż of ZBS Studio in Belgium.

Go pick up Oddisee – Odd Seasons at Fat Beats.com. BIG Thanks Mello Muisc Group for this one.