My friend, Trackstar the DJ, shot me an email about a youth program called Sessions LA  that he was involved with before he recently moved. Sessions LA is an opportunity for professionals like Trackstar to help and encourage kids through music. Sessions LA has been running on donations from the community and funds they have been able to drum up.  Now they need your help to stay in operation. Check out the video, read more about it, and give what you can. It’s a win-win for everyone, so lets keep building.

Here’s the story: when I moved out West, I left behind the non-profit organization I started in St. Louis to teach youth through Hip-Hop, hoping I’d find a similar organization in California where I could connect with a new group of like-minded individuals who wanted to use the genre as an educational tool. Our St. Louis program was great and provided a handful of kids with skills to help them harness their passion for Hip-Hop while applying real life lessons. However, due to a lack of funding, it was hard to expand past a certain point even though I always saw potential for it to grow. When I met DJ Phatrick in Los Angeles (through friend of TSS, Bambu), I discovered an organization called SESSIONS LA that executed the vision I had for my program and did much more. — Trackstar the DJ

Donate what you can to more information check out Sessions LA and The Smoking Section. Check out the album the kids from the program have put together.  BIG Thanks Trackstar.