This has taken me a while to write, but I realized it’s a way to keep his memory live. I am blessed for knowing you brother. Please donate to the Coleman Family for our brother Jovan Coleman aka J-1 aka THE DEER at

I’m a big fan of the HVW8’s artwork and would check their site from time to time. One day I noticed there was a beat tape they sponsored called Attack of THE DEER. I played it over and over and had to meet the cat that put it together. I went to the Jay Stayed Paid event and asked my friend Kyla about J-1 and if he was there. She pointed him out. Clean pumas, fitted hat to match, star tatts on his elbows, and a cobra tattoo on the side of his neck vibing out on a House Shoes DJ set. I introduced myself, and right away we talked about music for hours like we were some old friends catching up. I thought it would be a great idea to have him do a top ten list for B+C. He was down but then flips it with a mix. J was on fire cranking out a mix right after the next. I was trying to keep up because I was doing the artwork for each one. It was always “GO” mode with that dude. A few mixes into it, he called me up and was like lets make this bigger. “Beats+Crates Radio podcast, with guest DJs.” I was like wow, and before I knew it, he had Teeko and Max Kane ready to go. B+C wouldn’t be what it is without J-1.

Our working relationship was a great combo, and he had the projects coming. It was the in between time when Weyez, J, and I would kick it, and that made our bond what it is… family. You can see folks that talked to J-1; he gave them that same attention, and respect. J was always building and growing every time he met someone professionally and personally.  J-1 aka THE DEER grew the Animal Kingdom family worldwide, and touched many, many lives. J-1, you will be truly be missed. Thank you for the music, the laughs, the creativity, and the time. I salute you my brother.


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J-1’s Music: The Yellow EP on Record Breakin & Starship 27 vol. 1 & 2 on iNsect Records 

ALso visit Soundwaves Episode 157: Tribute to Jovan “J-1” Coleman

A shot of Hornitos for J.