Anything called The Graveyard Shift is a horror movie or someone’s putting in all-nighters and working hard. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s the 2nd one. Hawdwerk has been putting in hard work, and I think it’s about to pay off. Hawdwerk has teamed up with Kaleem Wasif and Funklogik from Asiatic Rhythms to produce and master all the tracks on The Graveyard Shift. Hawdwerk has a good crew and good company, and keeps at it in addition to working that graveyard shift. This is one cat we’ve already had on a winner’s block. When you get a chance check out his EPK and catch up on what Hawdwerk’s been doing. In the meantime buy Hawdwerk – The Graveyard Shift on Band Camp. BIG shout to Curtiss King and J. Bizness, I see you. BIG thanks to my man Hawdwerk for showing folks the hard work that goes into the music. Keep it going my man.