Computer Jay - Savage Planet vol. 1
Computer Jay is one of the few producers I know that can move between genres seamlessly, and still keep his sound. The stuff he produces can melt or blow your mind. Either way it’s a good thing. Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1… melted my brain and by the end rebuilt it just to it blow up again. I had to play The Dead Ends Dead End back to back. Oh man I think listening to Omni Bent is when my mind got rebuilt. A while back cruising around on the Internet I saw this video Hardships that wasn’t on vol. 1. It tripped me out. Now I’m so excited to go get vol. 2. In the meantime go buy, on vinyl if you can, Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1 and get your mind blown. BIG thanks Jay, my taste in music wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep doing what you’re doing brother.