Let me start off by saying, everyone needs a Fresh Daily track or album in their collection. I would even go as far as to say his music needs to be a staple in your collection. You know you’re not going to get a bad product from Fresh Daily when he drops a new projects or a collabo track. The Brooklyn Good Guy is one to have on heavy rotation. Fresh Daily also gathered up some talented folks to join him on this project like Black Spade, Melo-X, Moruf, Doc Illingsworth, Mike Baker the Bike Maker etc. If these names aren’t familiar, please do yourself a favor and check out what they make as well. After the first go around of The Brooklyn Good Guy you’ll place it with your classics. Check out Fresh Daily – The Brooklyn Good Guy on FreshDailyMC.com and check out his previous releases.  BIG thanks to Fresh Daily for keeping me in the loop.