Trek Life - Hometown Foreigner Trek Life and Duke Westlake worked hard on Hometown Foreigner. You can really see this is a personal album where Trek had to get a few things off his chest. The title Hometown Foreigner says it all. The album is upbeat with a few sexy tracks like “Be Together.” What I like about Trek is he can talk about the issues like love, the music industry, growing up, racial profiling, and always keeping the party vibe. You not only get some knowledge but also that turn it up good vibe music. And Duke Westlake ain’t no stranger to making good music. Memory Palace stays playing at my house, and I’m about to check out his new album Turn. Both cats are all around good dudes that are winning with this album. Go buy Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner at Mello Music Group on Band Camp. BIG thanks to Trek Life and Duke for making a whole album worth playing on repeat. Keep doing what you’re doing… real talk.