Tiger Tsunami - Re​:​Antarctica EPDiscovering gems like this EP is one of the reasons I keep doing what I’m doing without getting paid. I was going about my day and listening to stuff on Sound Cloud. Checking out all kinds of tracks and just exploring. About 10 tracks later I ran across Tiger Tsunami and the artwork to Re: Antarctica EP. “Dope cover and interesting group name, let me check this out.” First track ,Antarctica, “where can I get this?!?” I left it playing as I checked out Tiger Tsunami’s Sound Cloud profile page. Clicking every link they had on it. Waves,“where’s the download button?” I was reading the tags they labeled their music; ambient electronic, future bass, post-dubstep, and couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. I love love love the Re: Antarctica EP, and can’t wait until they drop more music. Download Tiger Tsunami – Re​:​Antarctica EP on Band Camp. BIG thanks Tiger Tsunami for making great music.