Right now I can’t think of a producer I’m more inspired by than Chanes. This cat is cranking out about an EP a month. Writing a post with 3 EP’s is a first for me, and well worth it. I was listening to The Fringe the other day and was like, “this music has mystic hypnotic powers to it because I can’t stop playing it.” Maybe that additional ingredient is passion, love, or determination, but whatever it is it will keep you listening. When I took off on vacation I dropped in Lifted, BCKWDS, and TRNSFXD. It put me in deep thought and was the perfect soundtrack for it. Ever since I’ve been back they are still on heavy rotation. I normally won’t try and put all this good music into one post, but the way it sounds and provokes good vibes you need this in your life. Buy these and also check out Chanes – Renegade Hands on iTunes. BIG thanks to Chanes for being consistent with that good music. This dude’s got a bright future. And another BIG thanks to My man Ben from Insect Records and House Shoes.