Acquired TasteCreatives have an internal need to get ideas out of their heads and into the world. Sometimes it’s just something jotted on a napkin, a quick tune recorded, or a snap with your phone. Sometimes you dig it and sometimes you don’t.

I had the pleasure of running into IV SB (Leon Sylver IV) at my man Ced‘s party. We had a quick chat. He mentioned that Acquired Taste was one of those ideas he needed to get out there, and I’m sure glad he did. If you dig good music, Acquired Taste isn’t hard to swallow. Luv Chirp is my joint that I turned up the volume on. For all of you beat heads the title track, Acquired Taste, will get you moving and motivated. Acquired Taste is a creative project that’s well executed. Go grab a copy at After-Ours and check out IV SB on SoundCloud. BIG Thanks to Ced for the introduction to Mr. IV SB, and his music.