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Ryan Stinson – Move On

That was truly on some Hunger Games sh!t. There’s nothing like watching a well done video that has a put together track. I had to check out the rest of FUTURA by Ryan Stinson, and you should too. BIG thanks to the good folks at Phonographique.

Thank You Jay Dee. Raise It Up!

It’s Dilla month ya’ll! With all the love that’s going around I have to share this dope video put together by the great Mochilla crew. Sit back and TURN IT UP! A little louder.

Tres Records – Nueve


Does Tres know how to put out a beat tape or what?!? This is one of those sneaky sneak attacks on your ear drums. A heavily independent hip hop label cranks out a beat tape, Nueve, showcasing damn near an evil genius lineup. I’m not going to name names, but it will fry your brain. Nueve is one of those albums where I saw the album artwork first and said, “hmmm what’s this?” Nueve had me motivated and bebopping around the office. Tres is not one you should be sleeping on. They are cranking out the albums. I’ve got another Tres release, Fonetik Simbol – Super Chop Beat Tape, next in the headphones. Download Tres Records 9th Anniversary beat tape on BIG shout to the good folks at Tres for keeping me up to par.


Chanes – Renegade Hands

So far House Shoes hasn’t steered me wrong. If you see a project that says, “House Shoes Presents,” listen to it. My man Ben from Insect Records also knows a good artist when he hears one. Chanes has been on our radar for a while and  today he has dropped Renegade Hands. The Known is my track. That gets me so hyped to get work done. I can put it on repeat for days. The beauty about Renegade Hands is the rest of it is just as dope. I don’t want to spoil it for you but this album will evoke an emotion in you that will put you at ease. A sense of bliss. Get this album, you’ll be glad you did. Pick up your copy of Chanes – Renegade Hands on Amazon. BIG thanks to my man Ben at Insect Records. And a BIG shout to Austin Texas.



Art Barz – Off With His Head 2 Ft. Black Cloud Music

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. If you aren’t familiar with Black Cloud yet, now would be a good time to check out the roster of talent. And they keep adding to it. At work I cranked it up in the headphones and rocked out in my seat. “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!” I’m very proud of the music that is coming out of the I.E., and Black Cloud is making some BIG moves. Keep your eyes and ears open.

In The Sky by Art Barz

Nefarious! – The Dream Theory

Nefarious! - The Dream Theory

Hit play, lean back, close your eyes, and relax your mind. As the  music finds it’s way into your brain through your ears, thinking there is no other place to be but right here. I’m telling you, I have been working to Nefarious!’s The Dream Theory, relaxing, walking, and just eating while this plays in the background. It puts nice calm, good vibes in the room. I hope that’s what the cat was going for cause that’s what it does. Very nice album. This is one album you should pick up. Go buy Nefarious! – The Dream Theory on Band Camp. BIG shout to The Soul Dojo, and BIG thanks to AIR; the tumblr site where I found out about it.

Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers

Ignorant Prayers is the injection hip-hop needs. These beats are ridiculous. Jeremiah Jae is a monster at this production shit. When I was listening to Ignorant Prayers and thinking, “what will Gibson not say?” I am grossly attracted to this album and listen to it at least once a week. The hook on Windows is catchy, but you think twice about singing it out loud. Fishscale has that hypnotic beat that you played over and over again. Each track is an entertaining ridiculous short story. Ignorant Prayers is a banging project you need to check, and this sh!t is free. Download Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers on Brainfeeder.

Black Spade – Nobody’s Fool

You know I can’t pass up posting a Black Spade track. My man Spade is a creative cat, and an all around good dude. This man should always be on your radar. When you get a chance pick up  Hawthorne Headhunts - Myriad of Now and Black Spade -The Sweetest Revenge.

A Low Budget Christmas

A little something to get you in the Christmas mood if you aren’t already. I got my Christmas list ready and I’m handing out copies. A Low Budget Christmas is a nice surprise in my email- Christmas started early. A low Budget Christmas is a nice twist on holiday tracks you may or may not know. Now I don’t have to listen to the usual Christmas tracks over and over again. Buy A Low Budget Christmas at Band Camp. BIG thanks Low Budget Crew, and happy holidays to you cats.

UllNevaNo – Can’t Complain

I Can’t Complain, I mean I could but what would that accomplish. I was just thinking that today… “keep pushing on.” For reals. I dig the vibe and the positivity of this track. I first started playing the video and was like, ” did I click on the right video?” But then it kicks in  with that nice beat and UllNevaNo’s lyrics to compliment it. It’s a Feel good track. And you say UllNevaNo like You’ll Never Know. BIG thanks UllNevaNo for the heads up.

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