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Apollo Campbell & David Vangel – Measure Of Progress ft. Mr. Blends

This video is crazy and strangely hypnotically fun with the kids singing the chorus. I dig the vibrant colors, dope lyrics and beat. Usually the mirror effect in a video can be overwhelming, but in this case it was done right. Measure Of Progress is a fun loving track with a positive message about life. Watch this video enough times and you’ll start humming the chorus too.Great video. Check out Apollo Campbell & David Vamgel – The Moth, Flame & Phoenix on SoundCloud. BIG thanks for the email.

Sammus – M’Other Brain

Lately this is the only album that I can listen to straight through. Sammus is a super smart gamer girl that produces and raps. Is this a nerd’s dream that’s comes true or what?!? Either way I’m glad that Sammus is out there making good music. The thing that got me hooked wasn’t just listening to M’Other Brain, but Sammus’ Beatz. A whole beat tape that makes you feel like you’re in a video. I started having flashbacks to playing Super Mario Bros. M’Other Brain is very different from Beatz and rounds out this super nerd with mad rap skills. Check out Sammus and see what I’m talking about. Buy Sammus - M’Other Brain on Band Camp. BIG thanks to Sammus for bringing something good to the rap/producer table.


BLU & EXILE – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

You can’t pass up a Blu and Exile album. Separate both are dynamic, but together they make instant classics like Below The Heavens.  So you know when GiveMe My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them dropped, I had to get a copy. The vinyl album packaging looks ill and I’m thinking about picking that up as well. This track, Maybe One Day featuring Black Spade had me bee bopping down the street. I know you’ll dig the video and the album. Go buy Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. BIG shout to Jerome D. on this video.

The Black Opera THE MAGICIAN ft Vaughn G & Jade Lathan

Classy, TBO is one first class act. A couple of rebels here to shake up and wake up Hip Hop, and break out with this classy video. The Magician has a 1920s vibe that helps tell the story. Loving the black and white scenes, and how the whole video was shot, very cinematic. I can’t wait to see what else The Black Opera is coming with next. BIG shout to kyLA, I see you lady. Check out TBO’s video game, yes video game Monsters & Robots.

J-Live – As I Start (Over)

Nothing like a high energy video from J-Live to get your day going. Not much else to say, but play it again. After you get done watching the video, get down with the album, S.P.T.A. BIG thanks to J-Live for the heads up. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Homeboy Sandman – Not Really

This dude, Homeboy Sandman is ill with the lyrics, and I’m really feeling this video. I dig the one shot take videos and that it’s out in the neighborhood. It all goes along with the concept of the song  Not Really. “People ask me if  my life changed…Not really.” Homeboy Sandman’s letting folks know no matter what level he’s on, he’s still the same Sandman. Keep it down to earth Homeboy Sandman.  Check out Homeboy Sandman – First Of A Living Breed on Stones Throw. Buy it and get the album booklet and check out the lyrics. Good read.

EL PREZ – Leadersh!t

I can’t explain Leadersh!t like EL PREZ. The concept is motivating, the music is dope, and EL PREZ keeps bringing it. Really get down with this Leadsh!t movement or you’ll just be another follower. Support my dude EL PREZ and buy a copy of El Prez – Leadersh!t on iTunes. BIG thanks EL PREZ  keep doing what you’re doing.

SelfSays – April

My man SelfSays is back at it again with a dope project for you. “I going for the win today.” April is a win win for everyone. SelfSays makes quality music, that is consistently developing, and worth checking out. SelfSays has a unique style, and with talent like that he’s already winning. Buy SelfSays – April in Band Camp. Catch up to what you’ve been missing, check out SelfSays’ Something Out Of Nothing. BIG thanks SelfSays for making music I can play over and over again, classic.

House Shoes – Castles/My Brother ft. Jimetta Rose

When I met J-1 I never knew how high we would go, and if we had conversations like that I can’t imagine the ones he’s had with House Shoes. I discovered Castles around the time I first met House Shoes and thought it was dope then. Several projects later Castles/My Brother has a deeper meaning, and fills me with sadness and joy at the same time. House Shoes and Miss Jimetta Rose made Castles bring me to tears. I can’t say enough about what my man Greg did visually for this video that brings the spirit of J-1 to life. We’re blessed that this man J-1 made us a family. “tHAT’S MY BROTHER…” BIG thanks to the Animal Kingdom. Blessed.

House Shoes – LET IT GO

This is truly the album everyone from Detroit to L.A. has been waiting for. House Shoes is either a marketing genius or he’s winging it, but he has built a huge following that’s been asking for this album. House Shoes dropped a few tracks over the years on several different projects like Starship 27 (vol. 1 & 2), but LET IT GO is all out nuts. You know that album where you are 9 tracks deep and you’re shocked that you are that far into it? LET IT GO is like that, but you’re on the 2nd or 3rd rotation. I was going to mention a few tracks to talk about, but I didn’t skip a track. I will mention Castles (tHE SKY IS Ours) featuring the lovely Jimetta Rose hit me hard every time. /// THE DEER /// House Shoes is dropping the video to these tracks and Time, featuring BIG Tone, is the first one out the gate. I’m sure more are coming. On a side note, buy a physical copy of LET IT GO. It not only has dope packaging design with nice photos by Eric Coleman, but it also comes with all of the instrumentals! I just realized I haven’t even talked about the who’s who on this album. You’ll discover that for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Enough talking go buy House Shoes – LET IT GO on Amazon. BIG thanks to House Shoes for making an album that I don’t have to skip any tracks on. Keep it going brother.

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House Shoes - Goodfellas To Bad Boys ft. Moe Dirdee / Dank Interlude

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House Shoes - Keep On ft. Co$$ Aka Cashus King / Helluva

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