Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol 1 & 2

Computer Jay - Savage Planet vol. 1
Computer Jay is one of the few producers I know that can move between genres seamlessly, and still keep his sound. The stuff he produces can melt or blow your mind. Either way it’s a good thing. Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1… melted my brain and by the end rebuilt it just to it blow up again. I had to play The Dead Ends Dead End back to back. Oh man I think listening to Omni Bent is when my mind got rebuilt. A while back cruising around on the Internet I saw this video Hardships that wasn’t on vol. 1. It tripped me out. Now I’m so excited to go get vol. 2. In the meantime go buy, on vinyl if you can, Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1 and get your mind blown. BIG thanks Jay, my taste in music wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep doing what you’re doing brother.

House Shoes – Castles/My Brother ft. Jimetta Rose

House Shoes – Castles/My Brother ft. Jimetta Rose

When I met J-1 I never knew how high we would go, and if we had conversations like that I can’t imagine the ones he’s had with House Shoes. I discovered Castles around the time I first met House Shoes and thought it was dope then. Several projects later Castles/My Brother has a deeper meaning, and fills me with sadness and joy at the same time. House Shoes and Miss Jimetta Rose made Castles bring me to tears. I can’t say enough about what my man Greg did visually for this video that brings the spirit of J-1 to life. We’re blessed that this man J-1 made us a family. “tHAT’S MY BROTHER…” BIG thanks to the Animal Kingdom. Blessed.

House Shoes – LET IT GO

House Shoes – LET IT GO

This is truly the album everyone from Detroit to L.A. has been waiting for. House Shoes is either a marketing genius or he’s winging it, but he has built a huge following that’s been asking for this album. House Shoes dropped a few tracks over the years on several different projects like Starship 27 (vol. 1 & 2), but LET IT GO is all out nuts. You know that album where you are 9 tracks deep and you’re shocked that you are that far into it? LET IT GO is like that, but you’re on the 2nd or 3rd rotation. I was going to mention a few tracks to talk about, but I didn’t skip a track. I will mention Castles (tHE SKY IS Ours) featuring the lovely Jimetta Rose hit me hard every time. /// THE DEER /// House Shoes is dropping the video to these tracks and Time, featuring BIG Tone, is the first one out the gate. I’m sure more are coming. On a side note, buy a physical copy of LET IT GO. It not only has dope packaging design with nice photos by Eric Coleman, but it also comes with all of the instrumentals! I just realized I haven’t even talked about the who’s who on this album. You’ll discover that for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Enough talking go buy House Shoes – LET IT GO on Amazon. BIG thanks to House Shoes for making an album that I don’t have to skip any tracks on. Keep it going brother.

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House Shoes – Goodfellas To Bad Boys ft. Moe Dirdee / Dank Interlude

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House Shoes – Keep On ft. Co$$ Aka Cashus King / Helluva

Kone – Legend Days

Kone – Legend Days

My man KONE is hard at work on the beats.  He’s dropped a Starship 27 bonus track called Funk 3482 featuring SelfSay on Insect Records, and now Legend Days. Last week he was out performing at BOOMBOX and selling shirts and CD’s. KONE is a busy dude.  Legend Days has this tribal, spiritual, self discovery vibe. You’ll think a little deeper with this one. Kone amazes me with his selection and combinations of sounds, samples, and drums. Bringing it all together to bring you some dope music. Check out Kone – Legend Days on Alpha Pup and take your mind on a journey. BIG thanks KONE for the heads up. Keep doing what you’re doing.

B+C Radio: Summer

B+C Radio: Summer

Episode 009: Summer

Just when you thought your week couldn’t get any better Beats+Crates Radio slaps you in the face with a new episode mixed by my brother Val The Vandle. He’s bringing some heat on Summer to get you into the summer mood. Val The Vandle is an LA staple that reaches from here to beyond. This dude is a world class DJ, an LA tastemaker, and an all around good guy. We’ve been blessed to get Summer from Val The Vandle on this Turn It UP Tuesday, and your ears will love you for it. Crank up the volume and enjoy Val The Vandle’s episode of Beats+Crates Radio, Summer. Click here to download B+C Radio: Summer or head to iTunes to subscribe. Check Val out on Twitter, and blast him an email because he’s always down for gigs. BIG thanks Val for for knocking out a dope episode.

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Kone – The Tractatus

Listening to Kone’s The Tractatus is like reading a good essay or book. Not sure if it’s the little bits of narratives injected in between tracks, or because it’s instrumental music with an organic flow to it. Either way, you can’t stop at one track. If this was a book I would’ve had the pages falling out because I was reading it so much. My first introduction to The Tractatus album was the New Los Angeles track and then the video. Great guitar riff with a mellow synth, frequency layered on top you can close your eyes and see the Hollywood hills down to the Forum. Listening to The Tactatus I felt I needed to create some work. A very creative album that will get the wheels a turning. Buy Kone – The Tractatus on iTunes and check him out on Twitter. BIG thanks to Kone for putting out quality work. And a shout out to  Alpha Pup for producing good records. Keep doing what you’re doing guys.

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Kone – Happenings

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Kone – Wax & Wane

J-1 aka THE DEER

J-1 aka THE DEER

This has taken me a while to write, but I realized it’s a way to keep his memory live. I am blessed for knowing you brother. Please donate to the Coleman Family for our brother Jovan Coleman aka J-1 aka THE DEER at

I’m a big fan of the HVW8’s artwork and would check their site from time to time. One day I noticed there was a beat tape they sponsored called Attack of THE DEER. I played it over and over and had to meet the cat that put it together. I went to the Jay Stayed Paid event and asked my friend Kyla about J-1 and if he was there. She pointed him out. Clean pumas, fitted hat to match, star tatts on his elbows, and a cobra tattoo on the side of his neck vibing out on a House Shoes DJ set. I introduced myself, and right away we talked about music for hours like we were some old friends catching up. I thought it would be a great idea to have him do a top ten list for B+C. He was down but then flips it with a mix. J was on fire cranking out a mix right after the next. I was trying to keep up because I was doing the artwork for each one. It was always “GO” mode with that dude. A few mixes into it, he called me up and was like lets make this bigger. “Beats+Crates Radio podcast, with guest DJs.” I was like wow, and before I knew it, he had Teeko and Max Kane ready to go. B+C wouldn’t be what it is without J-1.

Our working relationship was a great combo, and he had the projects coming. It was the in between time when Weyez, J, and I would kick it, and that made our bond what it is… family. You can see folks that talked to J-1; he gave them that same attention, and respect. J was always building and growing every time he met someone professionally and personally.  J-1 aka THE DEER grew the Animal Kingdom family worldwide, and touched many, many lives. J-1, you will be truly be missed. Thank you for the music, the laughs, the creativity, and the time. I salute you my brother.


Feel free to leave a comment and please head to to donate to the Coleman family. Thank you.

J-1’s Music: The Yellow EP on Record Breakin & Starship 27 vol. 1 & 2 on iNsect Records 

ALso visit Soundwaves Episode 157: Tribute to Jovan “J-1″ Coleman

A shot of Hornitos for J. 

Starship 27 Listening & Release Party 9/5

Starship 27 Listening PartySTARSHIP 27 at BOOMBOXTHIS IS THE EVENT TO BE AT!!!! For reals. Mark September 5th on your calendars now. The main event is going to be kicked off at Fatbeats to rock the compilation Starship 27. There will be featured DJ sets by J1 aka The DEER & Houseshoes. Live beat set by Dibia$e & Snowman Jack (Devonwho hope you can make it), and another DJ set by Teeko & Max Kane. They are giving out free Starship 27 copies to the first 50 people! And of course free beer and lots of Fatbeats merchandise to check out.  It’s going to be a packed house, but the party don’t stop there.

BOOMBOX is hosting the Starship 27 album release party. Boombox usually throws banging events anyways, but they are making this extra special with the lineup they got. Dam Funk, Houseshoes, J1, and hosted by Oddisee! Can you say off the HOOK?! Just check the flyer for the rest of the dope cats. To top it off they are going to have some crazy visuals by my man Moonsatellite. Not much else to  say but GO! September 5th is going down in LA history as the day Starship 27 blasted off, so hop on because it’s going to be a great ride! BIG thanks to GroWeyez for making things happen behind the scene.

FAT BEATS 6pm – 8pm
7600 Melrose Ave. Ste. J 2nd Flr

Los Angeles, Ca

tel: 323-655-8997


BOOMBOX - Grand Star 9:30pm – 2am

943 Sun Mun Way (N. Broadway)

Los Angeles, Ca

tel: 213-626-2285

open: 9:30 PM – 2:00 AM, age: 21+

cover: $5  before 10:30PM & $10 after

Animal Kingdom x HVW8 presents Starship 27

J1 - Starship 27J1 - Starship 27 TracklistIf you’re looking to take off and experience another planet, Starship 27 is for you. This compilation of beats has heavy hitters on it, and J1 aka The DEER is the master mind behind this outta space journey. With his co-pilot Weyez and trusty navigator (the man on the 1’s & 2’s) DJ Seano aka The Wolverine cranked out a banging album. Yes not just a mix of tracks that existed, but each producer made a track for Starship 27. In addition to the compilation check out the mini videos they leaked for the promo, they are outta this world fo-reals (links below). Download Animal Kingdom x HVW8 Presents Starship 27 here. BIG thanks to J1 aka The DEER, Weyez, DJ Seano, and Moonsatellite for taking us on a trip. BIG shout to HVW8 Records, & Mary’s Treehouse. DJ Friendly version with bonus tracks download here.

Video 1 Dam Funk

Video 2 Ras G

Video 3 Moonsatellite

Video 4 DevonWho

Video 5 A-Live

For more info on the videos check out Moonsatellite at Culture King.

So Ruff /// So Tuff

So Ruff /// So TuffThere is always something to do out here. So Ruff So Tuff is happening at Carbon in Culver City on Saturdays. They are bustin out Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul…..all on Vinyl people. Don’t see that all the time. J1 was telling me, it’s cool vibe and good times. I think I’m headed out there this Saturday! I mean did you see how much fun it looks in the pictures?! Check out rotating residents P.U.D.G.E Emcee & HouseShoes and residents GroWeyez & J1 for your hip hop needs.

“We love VINYL!!!!!” — J1

Saturday, June 13, 2009, 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Every Saturday
age: 21+, cover: free & drink specials

9300 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232
tel: 310.558.9302