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 Right now I can’t think of a producer I’m more inspired by than Chanes. This cat is cranking out about an EP a month. Writing a post with 3 EP’s is a first for me, and well worth it. I was listening to The Fringe the other day and was like, “this music has mystic hypnotic powers to it because I can’t stop playing it.” Maybe that additional ingredient is passion, love, or determination, but whatever it is it will keep you listening. When I took off on vacation I dropped in Lifted, BCKWDS, and TRNSFXD. It put me in deep thought and was the perfect soundtrack for it. Ever since I’ve been back they are still on heavy rotation. I normally won’t try and put all this good music into one post, but the way it sounds and provokes good vibes you need this in your life. Buy these and also check out Chanes – Renegade Hands on iTunes. BIG thanks to Chanes for being consistent with that good music. This dude’s got a bright future. And another BIG thanks to My man Ben from Insect Records and House Shoes.

RAWS ​- Three (various artists)

RAW - Three

“RAWS is an intimate party held in a small club in Tokyo, where underground beatheads unite. After a live performance by a jazz band which gets recorded, the beatmakers have an hour to chop up the freshly recorded sample, flip it, and make a beat right there on the spot.
RAWS-THREE is the third installment in the RAWS compilation series compiling these incredible creations.”
-Danny Masao Winston

If we don’t start doing this in LA…, man I’m telling you this is dope. You invite a jazz band to play a song with a bunch of beat makers in the room to record it. Then they have them flip, chop, and screw it in an hour. To top it off they put the session out on Band Camp! The idea doesn’t blow my mind, but the level of quality of tracks they cranked out in an hour totally does! I can truly say this is one of my favorite albums/beat tapes/live sessions. This is the 3rd installment of the sessions, and I see they have a final one. I hope that isn’t the last one, so let me brush up on some Japanese and I’ll get back to you on that. Either way this is worth the ¥500 (yen). The music produced from this session makes me want to hop on a flight to Japan and check out a live session at AMP. For now I’ve got RAWSThree. Buy RAWS – Three on Band Camp, and check out the other sessions. BIG thanks to the AMP Cafe for hosting dope events like this. Keep the arts going.

Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner

Trek Life - Hometown Foreigner Trek Life and Duke Westlake worked hard on Hometown Foreigner. You can really see this is a personal album where Trek had to get a few things off his chest. The title Hometown Foreigner says it all. The album is upbeat with a few sexy tracks like “Be Together.” What I like about Trek is he can talk about the issues like love, the music industry, growing up, racial profiling, and always keeping the party vibe. You not only get some knowledge but also that turn it up good vibe music. And Duke Westlake ain’t no stranger to making good music. Memory Palace stays playing at my house, and I’m about to check out his new album Turn. Both cats are all around good dudes that are winning with this album. Go buy Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner at Mello Music Group on Band Camp. BIG thanks to Trek Life and Duke for making a whole album worth playing on repeat. Keep doing what you’re doing… real talk.

Pistol McFly & VerBS – Nuff Said

Pistol Mcfly & VerBS - Nuff SaidCan you say hell yeah?!? That cat Verbs connects with the right folks when it comes to his projects. Pistol McFly and L!STED, what’s next? Nuff Said is a collection of track, but sounds like it was a project meant to be. Everything You Make It had me cranking up the volume without a care in the world. And when I got to Dear Los Angeles I realized I had just listened to Nuff Said 3 times. I really dig a project that makes you want more, you play it a few more times, and started digging for other project by the same artists. Buy Nuff Said on Band Camp and click on the links below for more for each artist. BIG thanks Verbs for making the music folks are rocking out to. BIG shout to Pistol McFly and L!STEDkeep doing what you guys are doing.

Pistol McFly:

Chanes – Renegade Hands

So far House Shoes hasn’t steered me wrong. If you see a project that says, “House Shoes Presents,” listen to it. My man Ben from Insect Records also knows a good artist when he hears one. Chanes has been on our radar for a while and  today he has dropped Renegade Hands. The Known is my track. That gets me so hyped to get work done. I can put it on repeat for days. The beauty about Renegade Hands is the rest of it is just as dope. I don’t want to spoil it for you but this album will evoke an emotion in you that will put you at ease. A sense of bliss. Get this album, you’ll be glad you did. Pick up your copy of Chanes – Renegade Hands on Amazon. BIG thanks to my man Ben at Insect Records. And a BIG shout to Austin Texas.



A Low Budget Christmas

A little something to get you in the Christmas mood if you aren’t already. I got my Christmas list ready and I’m handing out copies. A Low Budget Christmas is a nice surprise in my email- Christmas started early. A low Budget Christmas is a nice twist on holiday tracks you may or may not know. Now I don’t have to listen to the usual Christmas tracks over and over again. Buy A Low Budget Christmas at Band Camp. BIG thanks Low Budget Crew, and happy holidays to you cats.

J-Live – As I Start (Over)

Nothing like a high energy video from J-Live to get your day going. Not much else to say, but play it again. After you get done watching the video, get down with the album, S.P.T.A. BIG thanks to J-Live for the heads up. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Homeboy Sandman – Not Really

This dude, Homeboy Sandman is ill with the lyrics, and I’m really feeling this video. I dig the one shot take videos and that it’s out in the neighborhood. It all goes along with the concept of the song  Not Really. “People ask me if  my life changed…Not really.” Homeboy Sandman’s letting folks know no matter what level he’s on, he’s still the same Sandman. Keep it down to earth Homeboy Sandman.  Check out Homeboy Sandman – First Of A Living Breed on Stones Throw. Buy it and get the album booklet and check out the lyrics. Good read.

EL PREZ – Leadersh!t

I can’t explain Leadersh!t like EL PREZ. The concept is motivating, the music is dope, and EL PREZ keeps bringing it. Really get down with this Leadsh!t movement or you’ll just be another follower. Support my dude EL PREZ and buy a copy of El Prez – Leadersh!t on iTunes. BIG thanks EL PREZ  keep doing what you’re doing.

SelfSays – April

My man SelfSays is back at it again with a dope project for you. “I going for the win today.” April is a win win for everyone. SelfSays makes quality music, that is consistently developing, and worth checking out. SelfSays has a unique style, and with talent like that he’s already winning. Buy SelfSays – April in Band Camp. Catch up to what you’ve been missing, check out SelfSays’ Something Out Of Nothing. BIG thanks SelfSays for making music I can play over and over again, classic.

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