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Interview: Black Spade

I’m a long time fan of Black Spade, so it was a really cool to get a chance to chat with him about past projects, stuff he’s working on now, and the future of Black Spade. He put out the mixtape Build and Destroy, and most recently a beat tape called The Day We Landed. I can’t stop playing either one. I met up with Black Spade at I Ced’s place when they were taking a break from working on some Hawthorne Headhunts’ tracks. I got a little insight about who Black Spade is and what his future plans are. I did learn one important lesson about doing interviews- Don’t stop recording until you leave, because we talked about everything. I know I’ll be doing another interview with him when he drops back into town. Check out Black Spade – The Day We Landed. BIG thanks Black Spade for taking the time, and making the music. Keep it going. BIG shout out to I Ced for the sound effects (ha ha) and the place.

Click here for the Vimeo link.

RECAP: Global Funk & Soul Summit

I can’t believe I have to find the words to explain what went down Wednesday night at Zanzibar. Incredible, wow, unreal, great, THE FUNK! For real, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long long time. I knew something good was going to go down when people started calling me a week before the event. I hit up my homie Dan to roll out to the event and take photos. Good thing I did because this was an event that shouldn’t have been missed.

Dan and I showed up to Zanzibar, and one of the first people we saw was Dam Funk. No matter how many times I’ve talked to Dam, it still feels surreal to me.  I mean its Dam Funk! A note to all you music lover’s, show up early and you might meet your favorite artists. Anyways, we talked for a while as more folks started coming in. Zanzibar was getting packed pretty fast. Later on Jacqueline, from Mint Collective, needed a little help interviewing Electric Wire Hustle, so you know I was down for that. Walking back I ran into friend after friend rolling up for the show. It was going to be a great night.

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DAM-FUNK: Adolescent Funk (The Pasadena Years)

DAM-FUNK is a keeper of West Coast tradition. His funk-electro-boogie sound is a fitted cap tip to the days when Uncle Jamm’s Army, the Fila Fresh Crew, Arabian Prince, Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin’ Cru reigned supreme in L.A..

Adolescent Funk is culled from a collection of cassette tape masters that DAM turned over to Peanut Butter Wolf. These tracks are from his teenage years, so fans can really get an idea of his artistic progression. You can buy it early from Stones Throw, before the wide release on the 26th.

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Dam-Funk – I Like Your Big Azz Girl (1992) Download

Recap: Free Kutmah Benefit Concert

A stellar line-up of Kutmah’s dj friends assembled for an awesome concert to help raise awareness and funds for his on-going legal battle.  There were exclusive performances by Dam-Funk, Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Samiyam, Teebs, Ras G and more as well as an exclusive dj set by Mayer Hawthorne and Peanut Butter Wolf. With live visuals by Dr. Strangeloop and a FREE KUTMAH photo booth by Azul213. For more info on Kutmah go to Free & more work by Auzl at

– summary provided by Kristen T (Cashmere Agency)

Inka One – Zojirushi Mix (Soundwaves)

First off, I have no idea about the water bottle, and second Inka One is crazy with this Zojirushi Mix. I mean check out the tracklist. He goes from Black Milk, Little Dragon, to J. Rocc & Dam Funk. That’s not all, he’s got some local celebrities on this like DevonWho, Aspect 1, & J. Bizness. Inka One drops lots of exclusive and unreleased tracks, so this is a mix worth downloading. I would not be surprised if he knows each people/group personal. Head out to Boombox every 1st Saturday at Grand Star, and also check Soundwaves with Abraham & Ms. Cecilia every Saturaday night/early Sunday morning (midnight – 2) on KPFK (90.7fm) BIG thanks Inka One for the heads up.

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B+C Radio: Both Sides Of The Brain

For all you folks who can’t get enough good music, Beats+Crates Radio is up and running.  It’s brought to you by your favorite DJ and mine J1 aka THE DEER.  He’ll be creating a series of mixes from his collection & having special guests do their thang.  Hold on tight and crank up the volume, it’s going to be an experience.

Episode 001: Both Sides Of The Brain

J1 has taken us to another level with this eclectic mix of instrumental tracks.  He explained that each track is like a part of the brain and as a whole you’re using Both Sides Of The Brain.  From Samiyam, to Erykah Badu & Dam-Funk this will put that brain into overdrive.  Check out the tracklist below. Download Episode 001: Both Sides Of The Brain here. BIG thanks J1.

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Recap: Starship 27 Blasted Off!

Starship 27 took off with no delay on Saturday. The listening party was held at Fatbeats (LA) and hosted by Houseshoes. There were performances by Snowman Jack, F.A.M.E. (Teeko, Max Kane, & Ivan), and Dibia$e. The party didn’t stop there. On to BOOMBOX!!! Boombox is coordinated by the one and only Inka One. Oddisee hosted the event for the evening with special guest with flows Trek Life. There were DJ sets by J1 aka The DEER, HouseShoes, Inka One, One Man Jazz, DJ Sean O, & GroWeyez. With all that talent you think it would be enough, nope. They also had beat sets by F.A.M.E. & Dibia$e. And you know Dam Funk did a little of everything. It was dope. Everyone stayed until Grand Star was closed. It was a great night. Just watch the videos!

If you haven’t copped the DJ friendly version with the extra track GET IT HERE. BIG Thanks to J1 aka The DEER and GroWeyez.

Starship 27 Listening & Release Party 9/5

Starship 27 Listening PartySTARSHIP 27 at BOOMBOXTHIS IS THE EVENT TO BE AT!!!! For reals. Mark September 5th on your calendars now. The main event is going to be kicked off at Fatbeats to rock the compilation Starship 27. There will be featured DJ sets by J1 aka The DEER & Houseshoes. Live beat set by Dibia$e & Snowman Jack (Devonwho hope you can make it), and another DJ set by Teeko & Max Kane. They are giving out free Starship 27 copies to the first 50 people! And of course free beer and lots of Fatbeats merchandise to check out.  It’s going to be a packed house, but the party don’t stop there.

BOOMBOX is hosting the Starship 27 album release party. Boombox usually throws banging events anyways, but they are making this extra special with the lineup they got. Dam Funk, Houseshoes, J1, and hosted by Oddisee! Can you say off the HOOK?! Just check the flyer for the rest of the dope cats. To top it off they are going to have some crazy visuals by my man Moonsatellite. Not much else to  say but GO! September 5th is going down in LA history as the day Starship 27 blasted off, so hop on because it’s going to be a great ride! BIG thanks to GroWeyez for making things happen behind the scene.


FAT BEATS 6pm – 8pm
7600 Melrose Ave. Ste. J 2nd Flr

Los Angeles, Ca

tel: 323-655-8997



BOOMBOX - Grand Star 9:30pm – 2am

943 Sun Mun Way (N. Broadway)

Los Angeles, Ca

tel: 213-626-2285

open: 9:30 PM – 2:00 AM, age: 21+

cover: $5  before 10:30PM & $10 after

Animal Kingdom x HVW8 presents Starship 27

J1 - Starship 27J1 - Starship 27 TracklistIf you’re looking to take off and experience another planet, Starship 27 is for you. This compilation of beats has heavy hitters on it, and J1 aka The DEER is the master mind behind this outta space journey. With his co-pilot Weyez and trusty navigator (the man on the 1′s & 2′s) DJ Seano aka The Wolverine cranked out a banging album. Yes not just a mix of tracks that existed, but each producer made a track for Starship 27. In addition to the compilation check out the mini videos they leaked for the promo, they are outta this world fo-reals (links below). Download Animal Kingdom x HVW8 Presents Starship 27 here. BIG thanks to J1 aka The DEER, Weyez, DJ Seano, and Moonsatellite for taking us on a trip. BIG shout to HVW8 Records, & Mary’s Treehouse. DJ Friendly version with bonus tracks download here.

Video 1 Dam Funk

Video 2 Ras G

Video 3 Moonsatellite

Video 4 DevonWho

Video 5 A-Live

For more info on the videos check out Moonsatellite at Culture King.

J1 – YouTube

J1 YouTube EPJ1 is puttin in work! I mean this brotha’s crankin it out like crazy. James Brown (R.I.P.) ain’t got nothing on this cat. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about; J1 DJ’s at a few spots around LA, is in 2 bands, took time to crank out a podcast for Beats+Crates, few days later plays at the Natural History Museum with Dam Funk, and cranked out YouTube. And that’s just the stuff I know about. I feel like I ran a 5K in a minute givin you the run down. The cool thing is, this is quality stuff J1 is crankin out. YouTube has got a jazzy, hip hop, with a twist of funk to it. I dig it as much as the Attack of the Deer. Check fo yo-self. Download YouTube here and check J1 on MySpace. BIG thanks to the fam J1 & HVW8.

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J1 – UTube

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