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 Right now I can’t think of a producer I’m more inspired by than Chanes. This cat is cranking out about an EP a month. Writing a post with 3 EP’s is a first for me, and well worth it. I was listening to The Fringe the other day and was like, “this music has mystic hypnotic powers to it because I can’t stop playing it.” Maybe that additional ingredient is passion, love, or determination, but whatever it is it will keep you listening. When I took off on vacation I dropped in Lifted, BCKWDS, and TRNSFXD. It put me in deep thought and was the perfect soundtrack for it. Ever since I’ve been back they are still on heavy rotation. I normally won’t try and put all this good music into one post, but the way it sounds and provokes good vibes you need this in your life. Buy these and also check out Chanes – Renegade Hands on iTunes. BIG thanks to Chanes for being consistent with that good music. This dude’s got a bright future. And another BIG thanks to My man Ben from Insect Records and House Shoes.

Chanes – Renegade Hands

So far House Shoes hasn’t steered me wrong. If you see a project that says, “House Shoes Presents,” listen to it. My man Ben from Insect Records also knows a good artist when he hears one. Chanes has been on our radar for a while and  today he has dropped Renegade Hands. The Known is my track. That gets me so hyped to get work done. I can put it on repeat for days. The beauty about Renegade Hands is the rest of it is just as dope. I don’t want to spoil it for you but this album will evoke an emotion in you that will put you at ease. A sense of bliss. Get this album, you’ll be glad you did. Pick up your copy of Chanes – Renegade Hands on Amazon. BIG thanks to my man Ben at Insect Records. And a BIG shout to Austin Texas.



Recap: B+C at SXSW 2012

I can’t tell you how much fun I had at SXSW. For the first time at SXSW I rolled out without a plan, and waiting to embrace the weirdness Austin has to offer. My man Butcher Bear from Insect Records and  Kone scooped me up from the airport and we were off. A quick stop for some food, dropped off my bags and we were back out to hit up SXSW! Butch took me to this bar with a big outside area and 2 stages. Checked out some friends of his that were rocking out called Football. High kicks, hard guitar riffs and a lot of drinking. Later that night we headed out to catch DJ Skeez and Miz Korona. Real talk catch Miz Korona when she comes to your town. Some of that night was a blur, but I’m sure we saw more groups and ended with some pizza… I think. Thursday was jam packed with stuff to do. I headed to the convention center to check out SXSW’s music poster show Flatstock and kick it with the fellas of DKNG. A free poster show is a graphic designers dream. I wanted to buy up all kinds of posters. I could have stayed there all day, but had to keep it moving. Next up the street was Record Breakin’s showcase where they were spinning 7″ and 45″ all day. It was at Loft 718 and it had a nice lounge vibe to it. Good music and got to meet some great folks…also scored Lee Fields – Faithful Man album. Thank you Truth & Soul, very dope album. Later that night I made my way to Insect Records’ showcase. Words can’t express how dope that was. I’ll just say you had to be there, I mean look at the lineup! The next day met with Kone and ran into Teeko and the Starship Connection crew. Heard some ill beats from Nameless, and officially met SelfSays. That is my dude right there. Kone had another showcase not that far away, so we all rolled out. That one was something like a private recording session with Kone, Sonnymoon,and MastReally dope vibe, and after that some random house party. That was a little crazy, so we headed back to the bars for more music and drinks. Had a wild van ride and meet Lorn and Jeremiah Jae. Nothing but good times. Getting down to the end of my trip Butcher picked me up and we headed to an apartment complex that was having their own showcase, crazy right?!?! There I got to meet a great Austin beat maker named Boom Baptist, and kick it for a bit. It was a great way to end the heavy partying with the sun shining and a pool side showcase. SXSW is something everyone should check out. Go without a plan or with a plan, you are going to see some sh*t that will enrich your life. Next time I’m planning on a longer trip. BIG  Thanks to Austin for keeping it weird. Check back for the video.

SXSW: Exploded Drawing XIII

My man Butcher Bear is based in Austin and  this time a year he’s in “GO” mode. This year he’s got some of the Cali fam in the (iN)Sect Records and Pugilista Trading Co. with Blind I For The Kids showcase Exploded Drawing XIII lineup. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, Jon Wayne, Computer Jay, Kone….and a gang of others on the bill. If this show was in Cali you would pay a grip to see all these cats. If you’re in Austin at SXSW hit this event up. It’ll be good tunes, good folks and nothing but good times. See you there! BIG thanks to (iN)Sect Records for the heads up.


more info on Facebook

time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm

place: The Volstead 1500 East Sixth, Austin, TX 78702

Chanes – (iN)TANGIBLES

The good folks at (iN)SECT Records sent an email about this Detroit cat Chanes. I was digging the artwork  for (iN)TANGIBLES and gave it a spin. I rocked it for a whole day before I went back and read the email again.  Chanes has a good blend of, well a bit of everything, and there’s a couple of snippet tracks on (iN)TANGIBLES I can’t wait to here the whole thing.

“We had heard about Cameron Falsetti a.k.a. Chanes, for a while now, I think first from Detroit’s Ambassador, House Shoes, we dug a little deeper and we started to see a young man with an already prolific career. Reaching out to him to see if he would be down to give us a mix for the (iN), We were not ready for what we got, all songs produced by Chanes with 8 exclusive joints. Artwork by Mike Combs

- Andy the (iN)Tern

Anything from the D, there’s always a House Shoes connection. Gotta love that guy. Download Chanes – (iN)TANGIBLES on (iN)SECT Records. BIG thanks (iN)SECT Records for the heads up. And to Mr. House Shoes for getting good music heard.

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Chanes – Playground (featuring Miz Korona & Moe Dirdee)

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Chanes – Free Money (featuring Moe Dirdee, Freeway & Clemmye)

B+C Radio: First Class

Episode 007: First Class

All right we have another episode of Beats+Crates Radio for your ears. Like my man Abraham would say, just like records we have come full circle. Back to the creator of Beats+Crates Radio J1 aka THE DEER with First Class. Yes this is a ticket into his record collection, and there’s no other way than first class. This is the guy who’s digging up the samples from Hip Hop tracks to the undiscovered. Your ears will love you for it. The stars must have been aligned when J1 made this mix. I seen a couple of joints from the Heavy Traffic soundtrack, and I was like no way. I watched Heavy Traffic for the first time a few months ago, and thought to myself, I needed to buy this soundtrack. I don’t want to spoil the goodness, so download J1’s B+C Radio episode First Class here and enjoy. Also be on the look out for Starship 27 Vol. 2: Take Off on Insect Records. BIG BIG thanks J1 for all that you do for Beats+Crates.

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