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Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol 1 & 2

Computer Jay - Savage Planet vol. 1
Computer Jay is one of the few producers I know that can move between genres seamlessly, and still keep his sound. The stuff he produces can melt or blow your mind. Either way it’s a good thing. Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1… melted my brain and by the end rebuilt it just to it blow up again. I had to play The Dead Ends Dead End back to back. Oh man I think listening to Omni Bent is when my mind got rebuilt. A while back cruising around on the Internet I saw this video Hardships that wasn’t on vol. 1. It tripped me out. Now I’m so excited to go get vol. 2. In the meantime go buy, on vinyl if you can, Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1 and get your mind blown. BIG thanks Jay, my taste in music wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep doing what you’re doing brother.

Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner

Trek Life - Hometown Foreigner Trek Life and Duke Westlake worked hard on Hometown Foreigner. You can really see this is a personal album where Trek had to get a few things off his chest. The title Hometown Foreigner says it all. The album is upbeat with a few sexy tracks like “Be Together.” What I like about Trek is he can talk about the issues like love, the music industry, growing up, racial profiling, and always keeping the party vibe. You not only get some knowledge but also that turn it up good vibe music. And Duke Westlake ain’t no stranger to making good music. Memory Palace stays playing at my house, and I’m about to check out his new album Turn. Both cats are all around good dudes that are winning with this album. Go buy Trek Life – Hometown Foreigner at Mello Music Group on Band Camp. BIG thanks to Trek Life and Duke for making a whole album worth playing on repeat. Keep doing what you’re doing… real talk.

Thank You Jay Dee. Raise It Up!

It’s Dilla month ya’ll! With all the love that’s going around I have to share this dope video put together by the great Mochilla crew. Sit back and TURN IT UP! A little louder.

Tres Records – Nueve


Does Tres know how to put out a beat tape or what?!? This is one of those sneaky sneak attacks on your ear drums. A heavily independent hip hop label cranks out a beat tape, Nueve, showcasing damn near an evil genius lineup. I’m not going to name names, but it will fry your brain. Nueve is one of those albums where I saw the album artwork first and said, “hmmm what’s this?” Nueve had me motivated and bebopping around the office. Tres is not one you should be sleeping on. They are cranking out the albums. I’ve got another Tres release, Fonetik Simbol – Super Chop Beat Tape, next in the headphones. Download Tres Records 9th Anniversary beat tape on BIG shout to the good folks at Tres for keeping me up to par.


Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers

Ignorant Prayers is the injection hip-hop needs. These beats are ridiculous. Jeremiah Jae is a monster at this production shit. When I was listening to Ignorant Prayers and thinking, “what will Gibson not say?” I am grossly attracted to this album and listen to it at least once a week. The hook on Windows is catchy, but you think twice about singing it out loud. Fishscale has that hypnotic beat that you played over and over again. Each track is an entertaining ridiculous short story. Ignorant Prayers is a banging project you need to check, and this sh!t is free. Download Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – Ignorant Prayers on Brainfeeder.

BLU & EXILE – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

You can’t pass up a Blu and Exile album. Separate both are dynamic, but together they make instant classics like Below The Heavens.  So you know when GiveMe My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them dropped, I had to get a copy. The vinyl album packaging looks ill and I’m thinking about picking that up as well. This track, Maybe One Day featuring Black Spade had me bee bopping down the street. I know you’ll dig the video and the album. Go buy Blu & Exile – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. BIG shout to Jerome D. on this video.

EL PREZ – Leadersh!t

I can’t explain Leadersh!t like EL PREZ. The concept is motivating, the music is dope, and EL PREZ keeps bringing it. Really get down with this Leadsh!t movement or you’ll just be another follower. Support my dude EL PREZ and buy a copy of El Prez – Leadersh!t on iTunes. BIG thanks EL PREZ  keep doing what you’re doing.

House Shoes – LET IT GO

This is truly the album everyone from Detroit to L.A. has been waiting for. House Shoes is either a marketing genius or he’s winging it, but he has built a huge following that’s been asking for this album. House Shoes dropped a few tracks over the years on several different projects like Starship 27 (vol. 1 & 2), but LET IT GO is all out nuts. You know that album where you are 9 tracks deep and you’re shocked that you are that far into it? LET IT GO is like that, but you’re on the 2nd or 3rd rotation. I was going to mention a few tracks to talk about, but I didn’t skip a track. I will mention Castles (tHE SKY IS Ours) featuring the lovely Jimetta Rose hit me hard every time. /// THE DEER /// House Shoes is dropping the video to these tracks and Time, featuring BIG Tone, is the first one out the gate. I’m sure more are coming. On a side note, buy a physical copy of LET IT GO. It not only has dope packaging design with nice photos by Eric Coleman, but it also comes with all of the instrumentals! I just realized I haven’t even talked about the who’s who on this album. You’ll discover that for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Enough talking go buy House Shoes – LET IT GO on Amazon. BIG thanks to House Shoes for making an album that I don’t have to skip any tracks on. Keep it going brother.

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House Shoes - Goodfellas To Bad Boys ft. Moe Dirdee / Dank Interlude

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House Shoes - Keep On ft. Co$$ Aka Cashus King / Helluva

Kone – Legend Days

My man KONE is hard at work on the beats.  He’s dropped a Starship 27 bonus track called Funk 3482 featuring SelfSay on Insect Records, and now Legend Days. Last week he was out performing at BOOMBOX and selling shirts and CD’s. KONE is a busy dude.  Legend Days has this tribal, spiritual, self discovery vibe. You’ll think a little deeper with this one. Kone amazes me with his selection and combinations of sounds, samples, and drums. Bringing it all together to bring you some dope music. Check out Kone – Legend Days on Alpha Pup and take your mind on a journey. BIG thanks KONE for the heads up. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Open Mike Eagle – Universe Man

This video is hypnotizing! I’m not sure if it’s the animation or that I’m an Open Mike Eagle fan, but I’m sure you’ll dig it. Check out Open Mike Eagle – 4NML HSPTL on iTunes. BIG shout out to Nick aka Cronny for the dope animation.

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