House Shoes – Castles/My Brother ft. Jimetta Rose

House Shoes – Castles/My Brother ft. Jimetta Rose

When I met J-1 I never knew how high we would go, and if we had conversations like that I can’t imagine the ones he’s had with House Shoes. I discovered Castles around the time I first met House Shoes and thought it was dope then. Several projects later Castles/My Brother has a deeper meaning, and fills me with sadness and joy at the same time. House Shoes and Miss Jimetta Rose made Castles bring me to tears. I can’t say enough about what my man Greg did visually for this video that brings the spirit of J-1 to life. We’re blessed that this man J-1 made us a family. “tHAT’S MY BROTHER…” BIG thanks to the Animal Kingdom. Blessed.



This is another one that I’ve been rocking and needed to write about a while back. Sometimes I get way into it. Keyel was another J-1 connect that I’m blessed to have. Keyel cats are bringing that head nodding hip hop with CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS. I’m not going to cram Keyel into a box by trying to classify the type of music that Keyel is making. What I dig about this album is it’s not a throwback where you have to dust it off, and it’s not light years ahead where no one gets it. It’s now music, you’re good to play this anywhere and anytime. The rhythm of the lyrics feels like each track is telling a story. The ill beats you can get lost in, so just put it on repeat. I’m really digging the flow of CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Download Keyel – CLVLND.CTY.CNQRS on Band Camp. BIG thanks Keyel for making good music. wonder if I could roll into one of those bars that plays junk and switch it with this? Might have to give it a try. BIG shout to aLive.

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Keyel – Beats+Raps

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Keyel – Christmas Special ft. RIO the Mechanic

J-1 aka THE DEER

J-1 aka THE DEER

This has taken me a while to write, but I realized it’s a way to keep his memory live. I am blessed for knowing you brother. Please donate to the Coleman Family for our brother Jovan Coleman aka J-1 aka THE DEER at

I’m a big fan of the HVW8’s artwork and would check their site from time to time. One day I noticed there was a beat tape they sponsored called Attack of THE DEER. I played it over and over and had to meet the cat that put it together. I went to the Jay Stayed Paid event and asked my friend Kyla about J-1 and if he was there. She pointed him out. Clean pumas, fitted hat to match, star tatts on his elbows, and a cobra tattoo on the side of his neck vibing out on a House Shoes DJ set. I introduced myself, and right away we talked about music for hours like we were some old friends catching up. I thought it would be a great idea to have him do a top ten list for B+C. He was down but then flips it with a mix. J was on fire cranking out a mix right after the next. I was trying to keep up because I was doing the artwork for each one. It was always “GO” mode with that dude. A few mixes into it, he called me up and was like lets make this bigger. “Beats+Crates Radio podcast, with guest DJs.” I was like wow, and before I knew it, he had Teeko and Max Kane ready to go. B+C wouldn’t be what it is without J-1.

Our working relationship was a great combo, and he had the projects coming. It was the in between time when Weyez, J, and I would kick it, and that made our bond what it is… family. You can see folks that talked to J-1; he gave them that same attention, and respect. J was always building and growing every time he met someone professionally and personally.  J-1 aka THE DEER grew the Animal Kingdom family worldwide, and touched many, many lives. J-1, you will be truly be missed. Thank you for the music, the laughs, the creativity, and the time. I salute you my brother.


Feel free to leave a comment and please head to to donate to the Coleman family. Thank you.

J-1’s Music: The Yellow EP on Record Breakin & Starship 27 vol. 1 & 2 on iNsect Records 

ALso visit Soundwaves Episode 157: Tribute to Jovan “J-1″ Coleman

A shot of Hornitos for J. 

B+C Radio: First Class

Episode 007: First Class

All right we have another episode of Beats+Crates Radio for your ears. Like my man Abraham would say, just like records we have come full circle. Back to the creator of Beats+Crates Radio J1 aka THE DEER with First Class. Yes this is a ticket into his record collection, and there’s no other way than first class. This is the guy who’s digging up the samples from Hip Hop tracks to the undiscovered. Your ears will love you for it. The stars must have been aligned when J1 made this mix. I seen a couple of joints from the Heavy Traffic soundtrack, and I was like no way. I watched Heavy Traffic for the first time a few months ago, and thought to myself, I needed to buy this soundtrack. I don’t want to spoil the goodness, so download J1’s B+C Radio episode First Class here and enjoy. Also be on the look out for Starship 27 Vol. 2: Take Off on Insect Records. BIG BIG thanks J1 for all that you do for Beats+Crates.

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B+C Radio: Both Sides Of The Brain

For all you folks who can’t get enough good music, Beats+Crates Radio is up and running.  It’s brought to you by your favorite DJ and mine J1 aka THE DEER.  He’ll be creating a series of mixes from his collection & having special guests do their thang.  Hold on tight and crank up the volume, it’s going to be an experience.

Episode 001: Both Sides Of The Brain

J1 has taken us to another level with this eclectic mix of instrumental tracks.  He explained that each track is like a part of the brain and as a whole you’re using Both Sides Of The Brain.  From Samiyam, to Erykah Badu & Dam-Funk this will put that brain into overdrive.  Check out the tracklist below. Download Episode 001: Both Sides Of The Brain here. BIG thanks J1.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cosmic Slop mixed by J1

Cosmic Slop mixed by J1Cosmic Slop mixed by J1/backThe professor of Funk J1 aka THE DEER schools us on Parliament Funkadelic with Cosmic Slop. Take A Trip made me think about every album I owned that sampled those tracks, and that was a dope trip. Cosmic Slop will make you want to dig for more funk, and at the very least will get you out of your seat and dance. J1 drops stuff on us that educates and/or gives us a better appreciation for music (in my case, inspires creativity). If you can catch up with him and chat about music, J1 will definitely drop some knowledge on you.  Download Cosmic Slop here and if this doesn’t get you hooked on funk…I don’t know what will. Enjoy. BIG thanks J1 for another dope mix.

Track List:

Parliament – P-funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)

Funkadelic – A Joyful Process

Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moment

Parliament – One Of Those Funky Things

Parliament – (Gloryholastoopid) Pin The Tale On The Funky

Parliament – Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Parliament – Let’s Play House

Parliament – All Your Goodies Are Gone

Parliament – I’ve Been Watchin You (Move Your Sexy Body)

Bootsy Collins – What’s A Telephone Bill

Parliament – Chocolate City

Funkadelic – Atmosphere

Eddie Hazel – California Dreamin (Reprise)