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Exile – Population Control (remixed)

What did I just see?!? I’m not sure, but I know I have to watch it again. This video is crazy! Visually you can’t touch it with a 10-foot pole, and the track(s) are dope. My man Greg “The Dude” does great videos, but this is one side we don’t ever see often. He’s a motion graphics mad man.  Not only giving you this graphic controlled chaos, but uses all 3 remixes of Exile’s Population Control (from the AM/FM album) in the video. DJ Sean O. was talking about this video for a while, and I can see why.  Greg is pushing that bar higher folks, so keep those ideas pop’n. BIG shout to Samiyam, Dibiase, and Free The Robots on those remixes. Check out other works by Greg “The Dude” on Viemo.

Kooley High – One Day

One Day – Introducing Kooley High from BECAUSEUS on Vimeo.

I heard Kooley High’s mixtape (Kooley is High) and was digging it. Later I seen these cats out in LA on the grind. Handing out CD’s to everyone they could, and talking it up with other Hip Hop heads. I went to 2 events that weekend, and seen them on the move. It made me really curious about the documentary One Day, so later that week I watched it. It’s not that long, but packed with an insight of who Kooley High is. Take the time and check it out. Download Kooley High – Kooley is High here. BIG thanks to Kooley High for making good music.

Recap: Root Down with Frank Nitt & Illa J

The Root Down was on fire last Thursday with Frank Nitt, Illa J, J Black, and DJ J Heart. I was coming back from NYC and looking for an LA party, so I hit the El Cid for the Root Down. I got an LA party with a Detroit twist that was bang’n. Line up and get your copy of Frank Nitt and Illa J’s albums at Delicious Vinyl. Get the lastest on Frank Nitt, Illa J, and check for DJ J Heart’s podcasts. She knows how to throw it down. J Heart- next time get that light guy to hit up your part of the stage. Line up and get your copy of Frank Nitt, and Illa J’s albums at Delicious Vinyl.

The Alchemist – Smile ft. Twista & Maxwell

This video will make you “Smile” fo-sho. The title sequence alone is dope, but the people they have smiling give you that good vibe. The Alchemist made a hot track with Twista and Maxwell, but Jason Goldwatch it the faces wit smiles. By the end of the video I was grinning from ear to ear. Jason Goldwatch has been making videos for a while wit  gangs of notables under his belt like; Evidence  – For Whom The Bell Tolls, Dilated Peoples – Back Again, 88-Keys ft. Kanye West – Stay Up!, and The Loot Pack – Whenimondanic just to name a few. This cat is makin his way through hip hop wit a video camera, so don’t blink. You might miss something. Keep an eye out on Jason Goldwatch for another dope video.

Black Milk – Losing Out ft. Royce Da 5’9″

Lets talk about one of the best producers out there, Black Milk. This cat can’t make a bad beat. But it’s this video that is refreshing. Rap videos turned every video into a “show and tell.” You know what I mean- “I got this and that, and to top it off I’m going to tell you twice.”  This video is shot in an empty warehouse with just 2 cats rapping about what’s happening in the D.  Now that’s hip hop! Check out more of Black Milk’s videos on his MySpace page, or head over to FatBeats and pick up a Black Milk album.

Black Spade – Evil Love

What else can i say about Black Spade…out right dope. CH isn’t on this level. I got “To Sever with Love” and waiting for the next album. In between time Black Spade has done a gang of guest apperances, remixes, and hosted a few HVW8 live sessions. He’s a man on the move, so try and catch up if you can. Check out more Black Spade on his MySpace page, and a.k.a. Stoney Rock.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

As old as this video is, I can’t stop watching it. Maybe the song is catchy? Maybe I keep thinking about buying some Dr. Dre headphone? Nah that aint it. I know, Lacey DuValle! I tried to find a link or a picture so you’ll know who she is, but you’ll just have to google her name…and not at work. Check out more of Charles Hamilton or read his blog.

Donwill – Laura’s Song, by Marques Green

Donwill from Tanya Morgan has come out with a cool track called Laura’s Song and has teamed up with director Marques Green to make a funny video. The video is a take on the John Cusack’s movie High Fidelity that partly takes place in a record shop. Marques Green who has done a handful of music videos and documentaries make some cool stuff. We’re looking forward to seeing what else he comes out with.

Check out Donwill’s bolg and his MySpace page.

Check out Marques Green’s trailers at Que Films

88-keys & Kanye West – Stay Up! (Viagra)

88-Keys and West Stayin Up in Hollywood for the video “Stay Up” off his album The Death of Adam. 88-Keys also has a promo mixtape for the album that you can download from his site or here. But the video will make you bust up laughing.

Check out 88-Keys on MySpace

or His Blog Polo 67 Life

Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III “Higher”

I’m not a big fan of the video, but the track is hot (gotta love that HD button). I’ve heard Cold Pellow, and was like that’s “wow cool.” I said, “What else Theophilus London got going on?” He has a mixtape that you can download from his Myspace page (or try this link). BIG thanks to the ICU Lab for the video.

Theophilus London on MySpace.

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